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Manitoba Studio Fund (MBSF)

"The Manitoba Studio Fund will provide fundamental support to aspiring BIPOC designers. With this opportunity, I believe the design sector will flourish and inspire the next generation."

— University of Manitoba graduate, Russel Osis

In 2021, seven Manitoba design studios came together with Design Professionals of Canada to provide annual scholarships through the Manitoba Studio Fund. These scholarships support historically marginalized students, Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, (BIPOC), who are pursuing a degree or certificate in the field of design and design communications.

The Manitoba Studio Fund was created by and for designers, to assist students from traditionally racialized and disenfranchised communities in the province.

The scholarships

Two scholarships of $2,000 each will be awarded: one to a design student at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art and one to a design student at RRC Polytechnic. Successful applicants will have applied in proper form to the DesCan Foundation and awards will be applied directly to a student’s tuition.

The first Manitoba Studio Fund Scholarship Award recipients were distributed in July 2021 and the second and third in July 2022 and 2023. Please see more information in our News section.

Recipients of funding may also be awarded a paid work placement, or internship, at a studio or agency so that they can benefit from the first-hand experience and opportunities that come with being an integral part of a design practice.

Who can apply

This scholarship is available to students who identify as Black, Indigenous or as a person of colour and who are pursuing studies in graphic design, user experience / user information (UX/UI) or digital media. It is only available to students in Manitoba who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and who are continuing their studies at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art or RRC Polytech.

University of Manitoba Red River College Polytech